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DR. Hadis Mohammad Pour

Precision Attachments

Dental precision attachments connect removable partial dentures to fixed bridgework under a male/female locking mechanism. Some advantages to dental precision attachments include maintainable periodontal health, less force on abutment teeth, cosmetic appearance, longevity and stability. The ‘male’ part is fixed to the crown or bridgework whereas the ‘female’ part holds the removable partial denture. There are a variety of male/female locking mechanisms on the market. These include ball and socket, friction grip slide attachment, latch burs, post and socket, spring retained socket and snap-on/screw in. The male part of dental precision attachments is often a high strength precious alloy whereas the female part consists of a more elastic alloy. A patient might prefer one over the other depending on ease of attachment. Some dental precision attachments are better suited for different areas of the jaw. Type of locking mechanism, material of precision attachment and intended use all should be considered when choosing a dental precision attachment.